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Saltley School head reports staff Twitter account to police following criticism of governors

Saltley School staff Twitter account

The @SaltleyStaff Twitter account

A Twitter page criticising governors at a Birmingham school could be shut down by police, according to the head teacher at the school.

The @SaltleyStaff account – which describes itself as “Staff at Saltley School fed up with Governors making poor decisions or no decisions” – was set up last month to express concerns about the governors and their roles.

The creation of the account coincided with staff voting to refuse to teach a pupil expelled from the school for allegedly threatening fellow students with a knife.

The trade union GMB later sent a letter of no confidence to the school following the decision to re-admit a pupil.

In a series of tweets in the past 24 hours, Saltley governors, members of Parliament and Birmingham City Council all come under fire for a lack of action over problems at the school.

The creator of the account, who claims to be a teacher at the school, said:

“There are a powerful group of governors who want their own way and are seeking to de-establish the management of the school by blocking progress.

“The main issue is not knives, it is who controls the governors of the school”.

Head teacher Balwant Bains does not believe the account is being updated by a member of staff, and says the Twitter page had been referred to the Police.

“We became aware of it a few weeks ago and have taken advice to get the site closed down as it is bringing negative attention to a school that was judged by Ofsted to be good with outstanding elements”.

He would not say what criminal grounds the account had been referred under.

In the lead up to a meeting of governors tonight at the St. Andrews stadium the account has suggested that three already “seem to have” resigned, while suggesting that staff concerns would not be discussed at the meeting. We are seeking more details on this and will update this post when we receive more information.


About Alex Barton

Aspring Media student at Birmingham City University. Particular interests in journalism and radio.


7 thoughts on “Saltley School head reports staff Twitter account to police following criticism of governors

  1. That’s great news.
    This is just a disgruntled employee who seeks to divide staff and governors at the school.

    Posted by Saltley Staff | October 18, 2013, 12:36 pm
  2. Err… exactly what is he reporting it to the police for?
    Now, I don’t think being beligerent on Twitter is the best way around things, but there has been no criminal nor civil offence here.

    I would hope the police quite rightly tell the Headteacher that it is not their duty to handle personnel issues and that he is wasting their time by even bothering the Police.

    If this man thinks its a police matter, it’s no wonder Saltley School’s staff are furious with everything going on.

    Posted by C Smith | October 18, 2013, 1:26 pm
    • This whole situation stinks…smells like a load of rubbish, classic propoganda by a one-man band (or one woman band?) clearly being informed by a disgruntled insider to try and damage school’s reputation….fighting a losing battle!

      Posted by Saltley Staff | October 18, 2013, 7:12 pm
  3. BTW as a member of staff at the school, i can honestly say 90% of the staff are very happy with the Governors and the leadership. Seems like a personal vendetta by someone who is intellectually challenged – staff at the school now know who’s behind the tweets…more than one person btw….

    Posted by Saltley Staff | October 18, 2013, 7:15 pm
  4. Loving the comments left by ‘Saltley staff’. Shame that he’s lying. If 90% of governors are happy! why have they voted to strike or no confidenced governors? Why are they leaving the NUT and joining nasuwt because of nut inaction? Why are governors resigning? Why did the gov body not even talk about this? Why was in inquorate? Too many questions to be passed off by your poor glib assertions that everything is fine.

    Posted by Majority of Saltley Staff | October 19, 2013, 11:39 am
    • only people leaving NUT are non-muslim staff.
      This has become a race issue and the NASUWT has instigated it….by the way the HEADTEACHER is an NASUWT member…no wonder he’s using his minions to attack the governors….judging by the way NASUWT are instigating this, along with a few members of SLT, the truth will come out soon.
      No surprise @saltleystaff has links with Music and media…..

      Posted by Saltley Staff | October 19, 2013, 5:45 pm


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