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Rugby World Cup winner Matt Dawson visits Birmingham for healthy lifestyle campaign

Matt Dawson and Stephen Wanless - photo courtesy BCU

Matt Dawson and Stephen Wanless – photo courtesy BCU

Matt Dawson is at Birmingham City University this morning to promote healthy eating as part of a campaign for caterers Sodexo.

The visit is the latest stop in a tour of the country by the retired England scrum half. Dawson will be serving samples of healthy food to students at lunch and having a good look around the facilities.

He said:

“It’s early days so far. I’m enjoying meeting the guys and seeing how their eating affects their health and lifestyle. I’m very impressed with the university and how modern the facilities are. I’m an ambassador for Sodexo with a healthy and nutritional lifestyle philosophy. It’s important to focus on food with lower salts, sugars and fats.”

The England rugby star has been an ambassador for the catering company for around four years. Richard Learmount from Sodexo said the campaign had been going for almost three years and had produced around eighty different new recipes. “We release four healthy food packs a year and the main focus is educating the consumer. It’s not about eating salad but eating healthily and in moderation. We are trying to launch that into the BCU contract.”

Sarahjane Jones, Research Fellow at the Faculty of Health, said: “Practising healthy eating is always good. Having Matt here adds a profile to it, adds some value.”

While at the university Matt is also visiting the photo-shoot for the ‘c’ suit promotion.

The suit was developed by Stephen Wanless, the patient manual handling lead at the Faculty of Health at Birmingham City University.

The suit is designed to monitor and improve the posture of sportsmen and women and eventually the general public.

Members from the BCU men’s and women’s rugby teams will be at the shoot to provide demonstrations to Matt and show him how the suit works.

“The suit has sensors on the head, mid and lower spine and sends messages to the computer on the position of the spine,” Sarahjane added. “It vibrates when the spine is out of the postural norm to trigger a physical response.

“We are waiting to hear about funding – we have approached Colt Foundation and Shine 2014. We’re looking into areas other than rugby too with 400 billion pounds a year being spent on absence from work.”



One thought on “Rugby World Cup winner Matt Dawson visits Birmingham for healthy lifestyle campaign

  1. You can find out more about the Vertibrate suit in this research video recently produced by BCU: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqPjEgoL0wo

    Posted by Karen Patel | November 7, 2013, 2:03 pm

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